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• Frequently Asked Questions •

Does eyelashes extensions damage my natural lashes? 

No! When properly applied with good isolation and quality products, by a professional, eyelashes extensions will not damage your natural lashes? 

What type of eyelashes extensions I should choose? 

We offer four types of application:

•Classic - You get one extension applied to each natural lash, good to clients with a lot of natural lashes. Good if you want a natural look. 

•Hybrid - Is a mix, you get 50% of Classic and 50% of volume. Good alternative if you want a little more than just classics. 

•Volume - with Volume you get fans with 3 to 8 lashes on each fan done with 0.07 extensions, applied to a natural lash. Good for a fuller more noticeable look, and for clients with thin and low quantity of natural lashes. 

•Mega Volume - This set is done using 0.03 lashes, that are very light, what allow the use of 10 to 18 extensions on each fan without being heavy. Good for a very dramatic and full look. 

Why I have to do a deposit for my appointment? 

The deposit is deductible at moment of the service, and it’s your warranty that you have your time reserved and locked. 

How often I should refill my extensions? 

Because of the lash growth cycle, we recommend to get your eyelashes extensions refill done every two or three weeks. More than that is considered a new set! 

How does the eyebrows tint work? 

Your eyebrows will be measured and a design suitable to your brows shape will be done. Than we can tweeze or wax the excess hair. And a tint matching the eyebrows color or suggested by the client will be applied. The tint can stay up to 6 weeks without a touch up. 

How does the training works? 

We offer one by one vip and classes training, that includes kit, hands on, apostile and certificate of attendance! 
In Our training you will learn all three types of applications, Classic, hybrid and volume. 
Our training is 100% focused on preparing you to be a lash artist, from the work to how you handle clients and social media! 

How I can become a lash artist? 

We offer VIP training and foundation Master Class that will prepare you to be the lash artist of your dreams. Call us today and inquire about classes! 

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